TaLTaC in ENEAGRID Infrastructure

D. Alderuccio, S. Migliori, A. Quintiliani, F. Ambrosino, A. Colavincenzo, M.Mongelli, S.Pierattini, G.Ponti, S. Bolasco, F. Baiocchi, G. De Gasperis
Data pubblicazione
Proceedings Conferenza Internazionale JADT 2018 (Journées Internationales d'Analyses statistique des Données Textuelles) - 14th International Conference on Statistical Analysis of Textual Data - vol 2 - pagg. 501-508

The aim of this joint ENEA-TaLTaC project is to enable the TaLTaC User Community and the Digital Humanists to have remote access to the TaLTaC software through the ENEAGRID Infrastructure. ENEA’s research activities on the integration of Language Technologies (Multilingual Text Mining Software and Lexical Resources) in the ENEA distributed digital infrastructure provide a “community cloud” approach in a digital collaborative environment and on an integrated platform of tools and digital resources, for the sharing of knowledge and analysis of textual corpora in Economic and Social Sciences and e-Humanities. Access to the TaLTaC software in Windows and Linux version will exploit the high computational capacity (800 Teraflops) of the e-infrastructure, to which users access a a single virtual supercomputer.