Hypotesys of virtual reconstruction for the Sphinxes Frieaze at the Trajan’s Forum in Rome

S. Pierattini,M. Mongelli, I. Bellagamba, B. Calosso, L. De Martino, A. Perozziello, D. Visparelli, G. Bracco, A. Quintiliani, S. Migliori, M. Milella, L. Ungaro
Data pubblicazione
in Proc. of International Conference of Metrology for Archaeology and cultural heritage (MetroArcheo2018)

The paper aims to propose a possible hypothesis of a 3D virtual reconstruction of an ancient roman frieze with “Sphinxes” at the Trajan’s Forum in Rome. The work was carried out by ICT Division of ENEA’s Energy Technologies Department within the framework of the COBRA project (Development and dissemination of methods, technologies and advanced tools for the conservation of cultural heritage, based on the application of Radiation and Enabling Technologies)-financed by Lazio Region. Starting from fifteen fragments, the goal of this work was to show the effectiveness of photogrammetry and structured light technologies, and their integration in order to define a 3D metric numerical model by repositioning some elements as parts of a puzzle. Moreover, the analysis of fragments aimed at increasing museum documentation and expert knowledge. In conclusion, the paper shows the full process, step by step, developed via web by ENEA ICT infrastructure within virtual lab technologies, through 2D digital images analysis, by complementary technologies, to properly define, edit and manage the numerical models obtained for each fragment, in order to produce suitable files for the virtual final hypothesis of 3D reconstruction and for the 3D polyamide prints.