Storage architecture and backup strategy of ENEAGRID/CRESCO systems

F. Ambrosino, G. Bracco, A. Colavincenzo, A. Funel, G. Guarnieri, S. Migliori, G. Ponti
Parole chiave (Tematica)
CRESCO ENEAGrid high performance computing hpc
Data pubblicazione
High Performance Computing on CRESCO infrastructure: research activities and results 2014
pages 181-186, December 2015; ISBN: 978-88-8286-325-8

We present the storage architecture and the backup strategy of ENEAGRID, the computing infrastructure of ENEA. Data are organized in two file systems: AFS of∼40 TB and IBM GPFS of∼1.3 PB. AFS is geographically distributed and provides a common work environment for accessing services and computing resources independently of the location of users. GPFS is mainly used by parallel applications to better exploit the potentiality of HPC CRESCO clusters, the main computing facilities of ENEAGRID.