Presentation to the ITWSHPC19 workshop

The ITWSHPC Workshop (Italian Workshop on Parallel and High Performance Computing Technologies) took place at the University of Bologna on September the 5th. The workshop, promoted by CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Information Technology), aimed to take stock of the situation at national level in the HPC sector to promote the development of closer scientific collaborations among the most active Italian research institutions. The Workshop has achieved the objective by receiving a large participation of universities, research institution and companies from all over Italy. Recently, the HPC sector has received new impetus thanks to the EuroHPC initiative which will soon force the rethinking of the European model based on the three HPC traditional pillars: infrastructures, applications and new technologies. The development of the HPC sector will rapidly pass through new methodologies based on the advanced co-design of both technologies and applications, and on the dynamic management and processing of large amounts of data.